Tavus is a Limited Liability Company (Osakeyhtiö – Oy) based in Tampere, Finland. Tavus Oy is a spin off formed after years of domain expertise with technology enabled services of the core team guided by its founders. Focus has primarily been in Web, Mobile and Software Development Solutions for enterprise needs. We have a subsidiary in India with an office in Cochin, Kerala. We  are growing at a steady pace and our global presence is expanding. We also collaborate with universities in Finland and India on topics related to technology, cleantech and sociology. 

The vision of Tavus is to establish itself as a leading technology solutions provider and contribute to the wellbeing of mankind. We are currently recruiting talent, fostering partnerships and building core teams to take our mission forward. 


As markets become more competitive, it is significant that your technology has the right advantage. Tavus enables this advantage by aligning new age technologies with your business strategy. Our technical expertise makes your business more agile while improving productivity and enhancing customer experience.

Organizations face its fair share of challenges while deploying a productive and secure solution. Your managers are faced with the complexity of the solution, lack of transparency and increasing costs. Such challenges affect their performance. This is equally true in the case of your consumers too.

Our services focus on delivering solutions that is the right fit for your need. Our commitment to quality and on time delivery has enabled us to work with enterprise clients. We are into

Enterprise Software Development

Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Digital Transformation

Analytics and Visualization

IT Consulting

Market Research

Research & Development

Product Development

Internet of Things

IT Infrastructure Services 



TAVUS VALAISTA Campus Suite 6.2  – 

VALAISTA Campus Suite: is a solution that touches every detail of a student’s overall development inside a Campus. It is a high-quality and user friendly portal where parents, teachers, students and the management interact with each other using customised mobile and web interfaces. In addition, it also has smart card based e-Cash and authentication systems along with GPS tracking.

The back end takes care of all transactions involving Finance, Inventory and Human Resource Management. It is integrated with Embedded machines or instruments such as Bio-Metric Finger Print Devices or MiFare Smart Card/ Proximity Card based devices.

It is also synchronised with Mobile Application and Web Portal with separate versions or access rights for Students, Parents, Teachers, Institute and Education group.




VAROA is a solution that is currently used to track vehicles such as school buses and trucks. This solution can be customised according to need and is primarily aimed at keeping students safe during their journey to school. It is also sold as part of the VALAISTA Campus Suite.

Research & Development

Tavus has among its primary objectives, kept a thrust into dedicated Research and Development to shape and develop innovative products and services. We do not believe being a part of the rat race with regular automation solutions and our core focus is to give our clients a cockpit view of their business through unique and precision tools. We also give importance to the research and development that shall touch the masses and not just the privileged elite.

Tavus collaborates with universities in Finland and India on topics related to technology, cleantech and sociology.


Market Research

Tavus guides foreign companies planning on expanding in India by locating suitable market segments for their products and gathering expert knowledge.